Sustainable Reliability

All maintenance actions that improve the asset uptime by minimizing the environmental impact, resources, and costs. By focusing on impactful maintenance action improves the asset reliability.

What Asensiot does?

Asensiot help achieving companies’ ESG goals and improves production reliability of rotating industrial assets by finding answers to essential questions: what needs to be done next and when.

How Asensiot does it?

Asensiot combines relevant condition monitoring data (HQ DATA), scalable and accurate screening algorithm (AI) with an efficient analyst-based validation process (HI) to generate clear, understandable and standarized notifications to ERP. When it is time to act.


Competitive advantage

Asensiot working model is 80-90% more efficient compared to traditional analysis processes
and it is already proven with references in industrial environment in different countries.

Asensiot Condition Screening

Asensiot condition screening process is the most efficient way to pinpoint where to setup more focus on rotating machines. Fastly scalable algorithm supported (AI) validation process keeps Asensiot’s vibration analysts and customer’s maintenance experts communication on essential cases to improve asset uptime in a sustainable way.

Only impactful maintenance actions
leads to value.

Extending asset lifetime
Proven success cases, a) Inadequate lubrication of a bearing detected and successfully relubricated according to SAP notification, b) Shaft misalignment detected and proceeded alignment reduced bearing load which increased lifetime expectation significantly, c) Current leakage detected and its impact reduced by changing VFD's parameters. Avoiding a risk of burnt lubricant and current leakage erosion in order to achieve asset's designed lifetime.
Avoiding unplanned downtime
A critical wastewater pump (for 10 000+ households) was repaired according to condition-based maintenance strategy. Bearing defect and its root cause was found based on algorithm, validation process and life cycle analysis. There were three more pumps to be prioritized for repair within next 6 months. Impactful actions - just in time - enabled continuous wastewater removal in the city area.
Avoiding unnecessary maintenance
A bunch of electric motors changed according to time-based maintenance schedule. Even 15 pcs out of 21 pcs motors did not show any signs of bearing defects based on algorithm and validation process. Proven by life cycle analyses, ability to deploy more sustainable condition-based maintenance strategies was achieved.
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Why Asensiot is connected to SAP S/4 HANA PM Module?

In Asensiot, we feel responsibility for the environment and society. That’s how we understand SUSTAINABILITY – one of our core values.

By focusing on the impactful maintenance actions – that improve asset uptime while minimizing the environmental impact, resources, and costs – has positive impact for sustainability. The bigger amount of machines under the scope, the bigger is the impact.

SAP is an essential source for the maintenance asset data and through connection between SAP and Asensiot we ensure that results are put into action using company wide ERP solution.

Connectivity to SAP also enables larger scale data and analytics possibilities for companies within maintenance area.

Sustainability is the result of impact and scale. Machine Reliability goes hand in hand with companies’ culture and best practices. We help customers along their reliability journey – That’s what Asensiot’s Sustainable Reliability is all about.

Sustainability is our shared responsibility.

“Asensiot's new concept supports Kemira adopting a Sustainable Reliability approach to asset. Kemira can achieve multiple benefits, including increased equipment uptime, reduced maintenance costs, decreased manpower requirement, improved energy efficiency, and a smaller ecological footprint.”

Carl Bristow, Kemira
Sr.Manager, Manufacturing/Operational
Excellence & Sustainability

Asensiot validation process is not a mystery.

End customer is always the boss to decide – Asensiot help getting the relevant information to support decision making.

The success is collaboration