We do, we care

Today’s predictive maintenance market is strictly technology orientated.

Still, solutions are lacking of understandable and actionable insights, which would generate reasonable and transparent return on investment for customers. Simple.

The least we can do is to help customers validate solutions for their needs and speed up their journey towards successful condition monitoring program. Value creation should be the focus, not the technology itself.

That’s why Asensiot exists.

Pauli Hänninen
Founder, ISO certified vibration analyst CAT IV

We are transparent

We are active in PSK standardization working group to create condition monitoring standards for the process industry.

“Pauli's expertise and effort has been significant part of the standardization working group PSK57 since 2019. His work with development of the condition monitoring / vibration measurement standards requires deep knowledge and understanding. I see such properties are needed to achieve results. The can-do-attitude and ability to adopt latest technologies will guide his path far.”

Jukka Koistinen
Executive director, PSK Standardisointi

Core values

We rely on facts, not opinions.

We have open, understandable, and accepted processes.

We feel responsibility environment and society.

“The fact that the AI algorithm filters out measuring points that do not require any action provides extremely important benefits. You get a graphic picture of how a machine park is doing. On the screen it appears with green for measuring points where everything is as it should, and with yellow where an extended control is required. If it turns red, it is an alarm level that requires rapid action. In this way, maintenance staff get a user friendly overall picture without having to sit and analyze large amounts of data."

Anton Groth
Sales Engineer MLT Maskin Laserteknik AB